A Clothing Optional Vacation – Give a Unique Father’s Day Gift

Sound far fetched? Not really. Nude recreation is the fast growing segment of the travel industry. It is a booming travel niche with over $400 million in annual revenues according to USA Today newspaper. In a recent Roper poll, 25% of Americans have gone skinny dipping in mixed company. You may have too when you were younger. Recapture that feeling of fun and freedom from your youth by vacationing at a clothing optional resort.

Traditionally, Americans had to go to Europe or the Caribbean to find upscale topless or nude resorts. Most American places were old style rustic campgrounds like the “nudist colony” you saw in the old Pink Panther movie. However, in the last decade, the U.S. has passed the best that Europe and the Caribbean has to offer. No longer to you have to travel overseas to be pampered at a clothing optional resort as some of the best are right here in the USA.

Most American nudist resorts are still the typical weekend getaway located at rustic campgrounds and cater to families and all their kids. However, upscale resorts have blossomed in Palm Springs, CA and Florida in the last decade. Of these upscale resorts, most still cater to families and their kids. However, one very popular place is unique and caters just to couples on vacation. So leave the kids with the grandparents or babysitter. This place is located in Palm Springs, CA and it is always rated by as one of the top clothing optional resorts in the world, the best in the west, and the most mainstream nudist resort in America. Palm Springs is a beautiful city. http://palmsprings.com With its average 340 days of sunshine per year, it is the sunniest city in America. It has championship golf courses, casinos, shopping, theater, and the best nudist resort in America. What else could anyone ask for on a vacation?

Who goes nude sunbathing? Everyone! Even one of our founding father’s Ben Franklin was a big advocate of nude sunbathing. Resort goers average from their 20’s to 70’s in age. They are teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, movie stars, entrepreneurs, police, and firefighters. About the only thing Democrats and Republicans agree on at nude resorts is they both enjoy nude sunbathing. The reason repeat guests love nudist resorts so much is they were tired of the same old boring chain hotel vacations. They wanted something different, fun, and safe. Nude recreation is perfect. It is very romantic. It is a great way for couples to reconnect away for all the pressures and stresses of the work a day world.

So this Father’s Day, or any day for that matter, if you are looking for a new, fun vacation experience and a great present for Dad, contact a clothing optional resort. You will be glad that you did.

Plan A Vacation To Eleuthera In The Bahamas

If you want your vacation to be different from the normal resort-type experience, then Eleuthera awaits. However, know in advance that it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for nightlife and casinos, then Eleuthera is not for you. If you hope to spend time just relaxing and enjoying an amazing tropical location in a friendly, slow-paced location, they this is the right place.

Just Where is Eleuthera

Eleuthera is a Bahamian Family Island, sometimes referred to as an out-island, about 60 miles east of Nassau. When you look at a map of the Bahamas, it’s a long, thin island with a “whale tail” at the southern end. It is actually almost 110 miles long, yet only 2 miles wide at its widest point. The majority of the island is much narrower than that. The narrowest part of the island can be found at the Glass Window Bridge.

Ways To Get To Eleuthera

Eleuthera is home to THREE international airports – North Eleuthera (ELH), Governor’s Harbour (GHB) and Rock Sound (RSD).

When departing from Florida there are a number of options for flying to Eleuthera. American Eagle, which is part of American Airlines) has regularly scheduled flights from Miami to North Eleuthera. Continental Airlines flies from Fort Lauderdale to North Eleuthera and Governor’s Harbour. TwinAir/Calypso (a small private airline) flies from Fort Lauderdale to all three airports on Eleuthera.

You can also get to Eleuthera via BahamasAir, however, you’ll need to make connections through Nassau.

From Nassau you have a few more options as well. All three airports are serviced by BahamasAir. SouthernAir also offers flights from Nassau to all of Eleuthera’s airports. You can also opt to take the Bo Hengy, a high-speed ferry, from Nassau to Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and Governor’s Harbour.

Naturally, you’ll need to check the schedules for all of these options.

Accommodations in Eleuthera

You won’t find any high-rise hotels or huge resorts on Eleuthera, and that is part of it’s charm. You’ll find the priciest resorts on Harbour Island. This is also where the rich-and-famous have some homes.

You can also find a few deluxe resorts on the main island of Eleuthera – The Cove, Pineapple Fields and Cape Eleuthera Resort. However, the majority of hotels on Eleuthera are low-key, laid-back and comfortable. There are many such hotels in Eleuthera. A few that come to mind are Surfers Manor, Rainbow Inn, Duck Inn and Unique village.

For a more private, home-away-from-home experience, there are several vacation home rentals available. Just do your research and you’ll find something that suits your taste and budget.

The Amazing Beaches of Eleuthera

Eleuthera has more than 50 fabulous beaches, but many of them are hard to find and if you’re only here for a short visit, you might miss some of the best ones.

While a few can be seen from the Queen’s Highway (the main road running North and South), many are down dirt roads that don’t look like they’ll lead you to a beach.

There are pink sand beaches, white sand beaches, pebbly beaches and ones where you can find some fabulous shells. Most of the are also deserted, so expect to have an amazing beach all to yourselves, once you’ve found it.

The more famous beaches of Eleuthera are Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island, Surfers Beach, French Leave Beach, Cotton Bay and Lighthouse Beach, to name just a few.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Eleuthera

It’s wonderful to visit Eleuthera any time of year, however, you’re likely to encounter the best weather from November to April. Summers tend to be hot and humid with a lot more rain and even the possibility of tropical storms or hurricanes. The summer season also produces more thunderstorms. I’m actually a big fan of thunderstorms and the ones in Eleuthera can be pretty amazing.

We have only scratched the surface of all that Eleuthera has to offer. Even though it takes a little more effort to visit Eleuthera, it’s well worth the trip.